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Buying things in bulk has a lot of benefits. Bulk buying lets you find the cheapest items and maximizes the number of units you can get for a price. It also means you don’t have to make so many trips to get your products; you can do so in one go, or have it delivered to your location.

Finally, buying in bulk lets you earn shopping points or rewards; some distributors have special offers for customers who buy in bulk. If you know where to buy cigars in bulk, you will have a constant gift for golf games, holiday barbeques, and more. Whether you are buying these as souvenirs, as holiday gifts, or because you wish to mark an important milestone in your family, Here are some things to remember when buying cigars.

1. Know the different terms sellers use for ‘bulk’

Sellers use “bulk” to refer to any large order of the product. Sometimes, though, there are other terms that different cigar suppliers use. If you don’t know what these ones mean, you might miss out on a deal that is fit for your circumstances. Some common terms are ‘bundles,’ ‘wheels,’ and ‘samplers.’

A bundle is anywhere from 20 to 100 cigars packed into a plain box. These discount cigars are usually (but not always) wrapped in cellophane. Rocky Patel, Cool Cat, Casa Bella, and El Cheapo all produce bundles. A wheel, meanwhile, is 25 to 40 cigars packed in a circular formation. These can be stacked to form three to five layers. Perdomo and Corona are the top brands that produce cigar wheels. Finally, samplers are three to five cigars, though there can be samplers containing 20 or more cigars.

2. Have a plan for storage

Ordering bulk means you need a lot of space to store your cigars. Unless you’re moving the boxes out in a matter of days, you must prepare a space to prevent your cigars from drying out. A humidor is the best place to keep your cigars, but if you don’t have one, you can store your cigars in an airtight container and throw in some humidifying beads. If you can, monitor the humidity with a calibrated hygrometer.

3. Keep the recipient in mind

If you’re choosing the cigars for yourself, you have room to find the most aromatic, strongest cigars that you can enjoy. A palate for cigars is something you don’t develop overnight. If it is your first time buying bulk, you would be better off getting a sampler rather than waste your money on a wheel of smokes that you won’t particularly enjoy.

Likewise, don’t put your own tastes first if you’re planning to give most of the cigars away as a souvenir. If you are celebrating a birth, a wedding, or are at a simple gathering, choose a mild blend that a lot of people will enjoy. Not everyone is into strong flavors, and you don’t want people to get a literal bad taste in their mouth because of something you gave as a gift!

4. Shop for cigars in groups

When you buy cigars with a couple of friends, you can all purchase in bulk and exchange smokes. That way, you don’t keep puffing at the same flavor of cigar for days on end. Having ten cigars of three or four different flavors is preferable to having 40 of the same thing. Buying with friends will also let you develop your palate since you’re trying out a variety of blends.


A cigar is a cultural sign, a marker for an important occasion. You can enjoy your cigars, even more, when you are able to buy in bulk but be discerning about your purchase.

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