5 Common Cigar Mistakes Smokers Make - What to Avoid

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Cigar smoking comes with a certain novelty that slim menthol cigarettes just can’t emulate. Beginners often assume it to be rather straightforward. After all, what more is there to do other than light the end of the cigar and take a pull? If you want to come off as a distinguished connoisseur, though, you’ll need some tips.

Here are five common cigar-smoking mistakes you will want to avoid:

1. Getting rid of the band prematurely.

If you take a close look at a cigar, you’ll be able to spot a loop made of either paper or foil placed snugly around the body. This is a cigar band and is meant to be removed once you start smoking. However, removing it isn’t a simple matter of pulling it off. In fact, you could very easily cause premature peel and come off as a complete newbie. If you want to look like a pro, wait until the burn line is about an inch away from the band before you carefully peel the band off. 

2. Distorting or damaging the cap.

Smoking beginners often rush the process of clipping the cap before they start smoking. Doing so can impact your overall smoking experience. The rule of thumb here is to take your time—see where the cap ends and cut above the line drawn. Make sure to slice off a small amount just right to get the draw you want. That way, your smoking experience won’t be compromised.

3. Smoking too quickly.

As with the best things in life—eating, drinking, and even taking a nice evening walking—it’s important to take things slow when cigar smoking. Indulging and savoring the moment allows you to appreciate the taste and flavor. You’ll find that it makes for a much more pleasurable experience!

4. Smoking on an empty stomach.

If you’re a new smoker, it’s important to avoid smoking on an empty stomach. Doing so can get you into trouble, particularly if you aren’t sure of your nicotine tolerance. You may very well end up with what we call “cigar sickness.” Have a sumptuous meal before smoking for the ultimate experience.

5. Playing it safe.

Plenty of cigar smokers find their favorites early on and smoke nothing other than their favorite brands. Doing so can make cigar smoking monotonous and boring in the long run. Want to keep things fresh? Try something new. If you have cigar-smoking buddies, consider buying bulk cigars, different accessories, and various flavors to try together. That way, you’ll have people to share your experiences with!


Smoking a good cigar with some friends can be a wonderful, relaxing experience. If you don’t want to be singled out as the novice, though, avoid the mistakes we’ve mentioned above.

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