Montecristo Goes Platinum! Cigar Review of the Montecristo Platinum Series

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With its new Platinum Series, Montecristo, long considered the international brand by which all other premiums are measured, sets new standards for luxury cigars. Crafted with selected San Andres Cubano wrapper (grown in the legendary San Andres Valley), along with a rich, Dominican binder and a special vintage blend of Nicaraguan, Peruvian and Dominican long filler tobaccos, the exquisite Montecristo Platinum cigars offer the connoisseur a rich, sensual smoking experience without equal.  The Montecristo Platinum Churchill Tube cigars were named #22 on Cigar Aficionado's Best 25 Cigars of 2010 List!

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The Montecristo Platinum cigars allows cigar lovers to indulge in a richer and bolder smoke that some of the traditional Montecristo blends don't offer.  The solid blend of binder and filler give the Montecristo Platinum its earthy core and the wrapper gives it a pleasant and mellow special woody spice.  The Mexican wrappers of the Montecristo Platinum cigars are smooth with an oily sheen and feel to them.  Expect a medium-to-full-bodied intensity with the cocoa, woody and earthy flavors increasing as you smoke it, ending in a peppery note. The Montecristo Platinum give off a fair amount of smoke, burn evenly and have a smooth draw.  The flavors never overpower your palate, which makes this cigar an incredible smoke that will perform famously each time you light one up.

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The Montecristo Platinum cigars are individually housed in a protective silver tube and displayed in their new silver-blue boxes (the Michel Delacroix painted boxes depicting the famous Havana harbor are no longer available).  We offer the following sizes in the Montecristo Platinum series:  Churchill Tube (7 x 50), Habana No. 2 (6 1/2 x 52T), No. 3 (5 1/2 x 44), Robusto (5 x 50), Rothchilde Tube (5 x 50), and Toro (6 x 50).  The Montecristo Platinum cigars are truly a reward for all of the senses… don't let this beauty slip by unnoticed, try some with your friends this weekend.


Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Flavor: Medium
Wrapper: Mexican San Andres Cubano
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Nicaragua, Peru, Dominican Republic


The Montecristo Platinum cigars are available online at

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A Review of the Montecristo Platinum No. 3 by My Cigar Reviews

August 29, 2011

Binder: Mexican
Wrapper: Sumatra
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan and Peruvian
Size: No. 3 (Corona) 5.5 X 44
Price: $5.70

The Dominican based Montecristo Brand has been real hit and miss for me. I hated the Edmundos (had burn problems, tunnels and they smelled like cheese), the White labels are always way too tight for me to enjoy and the Brown label is typically a bit tight as well although tasty when it’s on. Tack on the price and time and again I choose against these cigars at the B&M knowing that I am in for a unpredictable experience at best, should I select one. They just never seem to kick out the volume I desire although they do burn very slow. Personally, I want thick voluminous clouds of smoke and could care less how fast it burns as long as it burns well and delivers the goods.

I have been sampling many different Vitolas to see if that makes a difference with the Brown and White labels and so far it had not. On my Birthday this year my loving Wife took me on a little trip to the local B&M for a few cigars. I selected 3 MC’s (1 of each blend – White,
Brown and Platinum) all in the #3 aka Corona size. I figured if they can’t get the Corona right then they can’t get anything right and I am done with them for good. After smoking the White and Brown label….I am pretty much done with them.

Will the Montecristo Platinum No. 3 possibly be able to redeem the Montecristo name? Altadis better hope so if they ever want to see a dime out of me again as I typically tend to stick more with the boutique blenders anyway.

As I unwrap and look over the Montecristo Platinum #3 cigar it looks and feels pretty good. Thank goodness it isn’t rock hard as it’s predecessors were and I imagine it should perform pretty well. There is a sweet and savory cocoa on the wrapper with just a hint of barnyard and wood. It sure smells delectable. Speaking of the wrapper, its visual quality is pretty decent.  The cap is well placed and it definitely feels much better packed that most of the MC’s I have smoked to date. The prelight draw is open with some dried fruit and sweetness.

The Montecristo Platinum No 3 cigar starts off very smooth with a good medium body and a solid core of flavor. There are detectable hints of sweetness mixed with a touch of dried fruit and leather.  A nip of pepper through the nose and a little more on the finish is making me good and satisfied already. There is a sweet creaminess to the smoke as it coats the palate up front and then a slight but present spicy tingle on the finish. Rinse and repeat as necessary….. It doesn’t take long at all before the body starts increasing.

Entering the second 3rd this is certainly heading in the direction of full bodied and if it keeps increasing as it has been it should make it there by the half. The flavor of the Montecristo Platinum No. 3 contiues to wow me with a unique and satisfying profile. Perhaps I finally found the Monte that is right for me. Construction hasn’t even been on my mind since so far this cigar has been a sipping mans dream. 1 puff is all it takes to glean a good volume of smoke. The burn has been perfect and I couldn’t be happier.

There is some good strength to the smoke as I approach the 1/2 of the Montecristo Platinum No. 3 cigar. It isn’t wildly complex or anything but what is there is being delivered in spades and the uniqueness is keeping it more than interesting to me. It is similar to the Brown Label but I have yet to get a brown label that smoked anywhere near as good as this. I love the sweetness in the flavor and aroma. I really dig the background nuances of wood, cocoa, and leather. A tiny touch of jasmine flits in and out on the retrohale. Above all else the solid body without a ton of acidity, the excellent finish and the ultimate  smoothness of this cigar is really what keeps jumping out at me and smacking me down with enjoyment.

The final 3rd of the Montecristo Platinum #3 is a crescendo of flavor, body and strength. Everything is climaxing nicely and I am starting to get a nice nicotine fix. Smooth waves of creamy cocoa coat my palate and then more smoothness on the retrohale featuring wood, jasmine and pepper. Performance has remained perfect and this is one that will go down to the nub.

This Montecristo Platinum No 3 cigar really turned it around for me. I had pretty much had it with MC up until this point and couldn’t even begin to fathom how a) they are still around and b) how they are so widely revered.  Now I can see at least how this cigar is keeping them relevant although with the lowest sticker price of the bunch (white, brown, platinum)  I find it silly that this is clearly the best of the group IMO. You would think the Platinum would be as top shelf as can be with a name like that. Plus Vintage? Come on. This wrapper is over 12 years old and it only cost me $5.70 B&M price? For once I feel like I got a deal at a B&M. I strongly encourage people to try the Montecristo Platinum No. 3 cigar. It is very good. Anyone should be able to enjoy it, most B&M’s should have it and you won’t go broke sampling this one.      93


Thank you for such an honest and candid review, My Cigar Reviews!!!

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