The Montecristo Afrique: A Cigar Review of an African Rarity

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The Montecristo Afrique, is a truly rare gem.  Rarely is a truly unique, new blend created in the cigar industry, as most new brands are just remodifications of existing blends.  One of the reasons being that there is a limited variety of black cigar tobacco available for cigar producers to create new blends.  Master blenders, like great chefs, when given the same ingredients as the others to work with, can create amazing tobacco blends. But unless given a new ingredient to work with they are limited in creating truly unique cigars.  The Montecristo Afrique is exactly the rare and unique cigar that only a master blender can create.  It is the joint efforts between George Gershel, Altadis USA's Tobacco Expert, and Lew Rothman.  The Montecristo Afrique is blended with African-grown black tobaccos, specifically a wonderful new leaf from Tanzania.  After much experimentation, a nearly all-African blend was created, which includes a touch of spicy Peruvian ligero bound by an Ecuadorian Sumatran binder, and wrapped in a African-grown Cameroon leaf.

Just like its unique Tanzanian leaf, the flavor of the Montecristo Afrique is equally unique.  Stronger, more dense and richer in body in the smaller ring sizes, and considerably milder in the larger ring sizes, the Montecristo Afrique is certainly a complex smoking experience.  While its ligero core is more peppery, the velvety smoke of the Tanzanian leaves kicks in.  The flavors progressed from a woody, spicy earth to a creamy, chocolatey, coffee.  With the delicate spice of the Cameroon wrapper, the Montecristo Afrique cigar's flavor is intoxicating on the palate, to say the least, and is possibly the creamiest cigar our staff has ever smoked.

The Montecristo Afrique is an absolute must-try for all cigar aficionados.  With several sizes available, here are just a few    we sampled:  Lemosho (5 x 40), Machame (5 x 44), Sublimation (5 1/2 x 43 in glass tubes), and Uhuru (5 x 47).  The Montecristo Afrique cigars are nabbed up very quickly, if you can get a box of them consider yourself lucky!

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Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
Flavor: Medium to Full
Wrapper: African Cameroon
Binder: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Filler: Peruvian Ligero, Africa, Nicaragua

The Montecristo Afrique blends are available online here at

You can learn more about the Montecristo Afrique cigars at

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Cigar Review of the Montecristo Afrique Uhuru Cigar by Walt, of Stogie Review

Origin: Dominican Republic

[caption id="attachment_371" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Montecristo Afrique Uhuru Cigars"]Montecristo Afrique Uhuru Cigars[/caption]

Length: 5.00
Ring: 47
Strength: Medium-Full
Wrapper Color: Medium Brown (E)
Wrapper Type: Cameroon
Binder: ECU
Shape: Parejo

Yesterday I was in the mood for a cigar. I had been running in and out of the house all day and I just wanted to kick back and relax. I opened up the Humidor and it was a toss up. It was either going to be the Montecristo Afrique or a Romeo y Jullieta – Aniversario. On a whim I picked up the Montecristo Afrique Uhuru and vastly enjoyed this cigar.

I purchased a five pack of the Montecristo Afrique Uhuru smokes from JR back in Feb. This was my last one, and I think that the two months of aging put this cigar over the top. It was much different than I remember the last ones being. Here is how it went.

I pulled the Montecristo Afrique Uhuru cigar out of the cellophane sheath if came in and took some time to look over it. It was slightly veiny but attractive. The Montecristo Afrique Uhuru cigar was firm yet pliable between the fingers. This cigar smelled very rich inviting. My plug cutter cut a beautiful plug with no cracking or splitting in the cap.

Upon lighting the Montecristo Afrique Uhuru there was a vibe from this cigar that made you feel as though it was going to be a good cigar. The initial draw was very light and flavorful. The resting smoke emitting from the foot was nice and light.

The first couple of puffs were kind of tricky. The aroma of the Montecristo Afrique Uhuru cigar was almost woodsy while the taste was sweet and totally different from what I was expecting from the smell. The smoke exiting from my mouth left a sweet taste on my lips that was nice. I’ve never had this before.

As I moved on down the Montecristo Afrique Uhuru cigar the flavors became more and more subtle. After about an inch and a half, the flavors were sort of soft on the pallet. They sort of rolled on then rolled clean off the pallet as you blew out the smoke.

At around the half way point of the Montecristo Afrique Uhuru cigar there were slight hints of pepper that complimented the smooth initial tastes of the cigar. From the start the burn rate was nice and slow with a perfect burn. The ash was firm and what I would describe as a bright grey ash.

The flavors started to evolve some more as I continued to smoke. At this point I was getting sweet smells in my sinuses as I blew the smoke out of my nose. The pepper flavor on my pallet was starting to pick up a bit and I was now getting what tasted like black coffee.

All of the initial flavors started to subside and there was now a distinct pepper flavor on my pallet that was quiet good. The build up to this was very enjoyable. The burn rate was still good as well as the ash. By now there was only about an inch of the cigar left. I continued to smoke the Montecristo Afrique Uhuru until I could no longer hold it.

The worst part of this cigar was when it was time to let it go out. The Montecristo Afrique Uhuru was so enjoyable that I just couldn’t get myself to put it down and walk away. I smoked this cigar for just over an hour and a half. I don?t know if it was just the atmosphere or the fact that I was looking forward to a good cigar all day, but this stick was an absolute joy to smoke and I would highly recommend the Montecristo Afrique Uhuru as a late afternoon early evening smoke.


Thanks for sharing your smoking experience of the Montecristo Afrique Uhuru, Walt!

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