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The Zino line of cigars is an aromatic and mild smoke. It is flavorful and smooth, though you might detect a slight spice from time to time. The flavors develop full in the Zino even though it is a light-bodied, natural stogie, thanks to the Indonesian tobaccos that are added to this blend.

The Zino line is created by master blender Hendrik Kelner using the same infamous high quality and reliability that make up the other Zino lines. The Zino cigars feature premium Connecticut-seed wrappers grown in Ecuador, a Connecticut-grown binder, and a mild mix of Peruvian and Dominican tobaccos. Other blends available include the Zino Classic Brasil, the Zino Classic Sumatra, the Zino Grand Classic Brasil, the Zino Grand Classic Sumatra, the Zino Cigarillo Brasil 20s and the Zino Cigarillo Sumatra 20s (the 20-packs are not individually wrapped like the other lines are).

The brilliantly-made but rare Zino cigars are worth searching and digging around for. Each Zino cigar is individually sealed and packed in either a black or silver foil, airtight humidor pack which ensures that each stick will maintain its mild flavor and factory freshness for many months, according to Davidoff, for up to 18 months. 


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