Tatiana Tins

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The Tatiana Tins offer the perfect-sized flavored cigarillo at 3 1/2 x 26 (Small) and 4 x 30 (Large). They are a premium cigar blended in the Dominican Republic utilizing a 2-year aged Cuban-seed Dominican filler and binder and wrapped in an Indonesian wrapper. Each tin of Tatiana flavors comes with 10 cigarillos and are available in 12 enticing classic and exotic flavors (available in single tins of 10 or 5 tins of 10).

For a full-on sense-pleasing experience light up the Tatiana Flavored Tins 10s cigars. They are mild, mellow, sweet, flavorful and deeply aromatic. Try one of the smooth, well-balanced Tatiana Tins flavored cigars in any of the 12 heavenly flavors this weekend, or go all out and try them all! We love to mix up a few various flavors and share them at social events. You'll be the life of the party!


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