Tatiana Mocha

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The Tatiana Mocha offers the most intoxicating coffee aromas that will permeate through the entire room, and even tastier flavors of a rich mocha. Expect an open and easy draw and mild to medium strength.

Tatiana Mocha cigars are manufactured by Nestor Plasencia, rolled by hand in the Honduras using a blend of well aged premium tobacco such as Nicaraguan, Honduran and Mexican longfillers and a rich, dark Sumatran wrapper. Their uniqueness comes from the intricate chocolate, roasted coffee and hint of vanilla exotic essences.

Light up a Tatiana Mocha anytime of day or night to experience the luxurious, velvety smooth, aromatic and uniquely delicious cigar. When you are ready to take a little break from your usual and traditional stogies, change it up a bit and try a Tatiana Mocha cigar.


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