Tabak Especial by Drew Estate

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Tabak Especial cigars, blowing smokers' minds since 2008! The Tabak Especial cigar is the culmination of Drew Estate taking the art of blending coffee and cigars to new heights. The process involves slowly infusing rich tobaccos with the finest Fair Trade harvested coffees from the fertile mountains of Nicaragua into the Tabak Especial line. Drew Estate has created a smoking experience that is pure tobacco velvet upon the palate with the perfect nuance of luscious espresso coffee. The combination results in pleasing yet not overpowering flavors of coffee beans and milk chocolate mixed with savory sweetness and the most enticing aroma.

The Tabak Especial line was designed by Drew Estate as a bridge between the smokers who are used to infused cigars, such as their ACID line, and the more traditional cigars that are not infused, like their Chateau Real line. The Tabak Especial cigar comes in 2 lines, the Dulce (Natural) line and the Negra (Maduro) line. Your choice of either extra-dark Connecticut Broadleaf or natural Connecticut Shade wrappers envelop a Sumatra binder and Nicaraguan Criollo filler leaves. Before aging, the cigars are slowly infused with Nicaraguan estate-grown coffee.

The cigar smokers who miss the discontinued Drew Estate Kahlua brand, the Tabak Especial cigar is the blend that replaced them. The two blends are nearly identical in flavor. Tantalize your taste buds with a velvety sweet, perfectly balanced Tabak Especial cigar, it's the bomb, we promise. If you have a sweet tooth the Tabak Especial cigar is the cigar for you (you won't even crave dessert after smoking this treat)!