Punch Gran Cru

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Before we tell you more about the Punch Gran Cru cigars, let us give you a little history on the brand. The Punch name originates to Cuba where it was originally created in 1840. Its name was derived from the popular British magazine, Punch, whose cartoon mascot was the famous Punch and Judy. Today, Punch is one of the great Honduran cigars with rich flavor from Honduran, Dominican and Nicaraguan long leaf filler. The binder is Connecticut Broadleaf and the wrapper is from Ecuador. Punch is made in the best Honduran factory and has been one of the best values around. The Grand Cru series from Punch is their top of the line, crafted from vintage tobaccos aged from 3 to 5 years.

The Punch Gran Cru cigars are packed with flavor. Each leaf of the Punch Gran Cru cigar is hand selected for quality and can be traced back to a vintage year. After the aging process the Punch Gran Cru cigars are packed into Spanish cedar wooden boxes. While the Punch Deluxe can be likened to a robust single-malt Scotch, the Punch Gran Cru can be compared to a fine liqueur. The burn is perfect, the draw is firm, and the flavors resonate a leathery, salty tobacco with hints of cherry, anise and spices.

If you are seeking a fuller bodied, well-aged cigar, with refined flavors and aromas that will surely impress you time after time look no further than the Punch Gran Cru cigar. The Punch Gran Cru is the type of cigar you will want to indulge in and savor properly, so take your time smoking it and give it your undivided attention.