Padron Cigars

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The Padron Family of Padron Cigars understands the significance of time in the creation of the perfect cigar. Therefore, their primary goal is the exceptional quality of the product they deliver, not the quantity produced. The Padron Family delivers only the finest, handmade, complex cigars with the flavor of their Cuban heritage imbued within, and their cigars have been considered a delicacy in the cigar world for quite some time now. Padron Cigars is a family owned company and every member of their team pays close, personal attention to every detail throughout every step taken in the production of fine cigars. Padron Cigars is one of the finest boutique cigar manufacturers in Nicaragua and the careful attention paid during the production of the Padron line is readily apparent in each cigar. Despite the unbelievable quality of each cigar, all of the Padron blends are very reasonably priced. Take the labels off of a wide array of cigars and you’ll know which is a Padron and which is not – the flavor and quality of each cigar is unmistakable as a Padron… in a good way.

Padron cigars are patiently handmade with long-aged Cuban seed tobaccos grown entirely in Nicaragua. A true classic and unique-tasting cigar whose outstanding quality defies its affordable price. Distinguished by their square-pressed shapes, dark, oily wrappers and medium-to-full bodied flavor, these perfectly balanced puros brim with complexity and the essence of coffee and cocoa bean. Their consistency is attributed to limited annual production, which keep them at the peak of flavor.