Nick's Sticks

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A revamp of the original Nick's Sticks by Perdomo, the new and improved Nick's Sticks cigars hails from the "garage days" of Nick Perdomo's cigar production era. The Nick's Sticks are a Nicaraguan blend, skillfully hand rolled using Nicaraguan binders and fillers. They come in the Connecticut shade wrappers for a mild, smooth and buttery experience with hints of chocolate, coffee and pepper (the white band). Also available in the Sungrown wrappers for a medium-to-full-bodied chocolatey treat (the burgundy band). And lastly the Nick's Sticks are also produced in the Maduro, Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers, for a richer and more cedary, spicy smoking experience (the black band).

The Nick's Sticks use premium packaging and impart high-quality flavors at very affordable prices. The tobacco originates from Cuban seeds grown in the fields that are owned by Perdomo in the Jalapa region of Nicaragua. You'll be hard-pressed to find another brand of cigars in this price range that smokes, burns and imparts the type of flavors that the Nick's Sticks do. The bands are the same ones that were used on the original Nick's Sticks. White for Connecticut, burgundy for the Sungrown and black for the Maduro wrappers.

Depending on which wrapper of the Nick's Sticks you smoke, you might detect traces of cedar, spice, pepper, chocolate, dark coffee, earthiness, cinnamon, and a sweetness toward the end. But no matter which one you smoke all 3 are guaranteed to burn evenly with a fairly easy draw and all 3 are very smooth from start to end. Nick Perdomo succeeded in pleasing both the novice cigar smokers as well as the more seasoned ones with his blend of the Nick's Sticks. At these prices you can pick some up in all 3 wrappers for yourself and some for your friends as well!


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