Montecristo Afrique

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Rarely is a truly unique, new blend created in the cigar industry, as most new brands are just remodifications of existing blends. One of the reasons being that there is a limited variety of black cigar tobacco available for cigar producers to create new blends. Master blenders, like great chefs, when given the same ingredients as the others to work with, can create amazing tobacco blends. But unless given a new ingredient to work with they are limited in creating truly unique cigars. The Montecristo Afrique is exactly the rare and unique cigar that only a master blender can create. It is the joint efforts between George Gershel, Altadis USA's Tobacco Expert, and Lew Rothman. The Montecristo Afrique is blended with African-grown black tobaccos, specifically a wonderful new leaf from Tanzania. After much experimentation, a nearly all-African blend was created, which includes a touch of spicy Peruvian ligero bound by an Ecuadorian Sumatran binder, and wrapped in a African-grown Cameroon leaf.

Just like its unique Tanzanian leaf, the flavor of the Montecristo Afrique is equally unique. Stronger, more dense and richer in body in the smaller ring sizes, and considerably milder in the larger ring sizes, the Montecristo Afrique is certainly a complex smoking experience. While its ligero core is more peppery, the velvety smoke of the Tanzanian leaves kicks in. With the delicate spice of the Cameroon wrapper, the Montecristo Afrique cigar's flavor is intoxicating on the palate, to say the least, and is possibly the creamiest cigar our staff has ever smoked.

The Montecristo Afrique is an absolute must-try for all cigar aficionados. With 4 sizes available: Lemosho (5 x 40), Machame (5 x 44), Sublimation (5 1/2 x 43 in glass tubes), and Uhuru (5 x 47). We are fortunate to have an extremely limited supply of this exciting new line of Montecristos. Because we know this minuscule allotment will fly off our shelves, we urge you to act quickly and get your supply of the Montecristo Afrique.

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