Maker's Mark Cigars

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When it comes to bourbon whisky, the name Maker's Mark stands for hand crafted excellence, a masterful blending of the finest ingredients to create a product of singular quality. And that's just what has made the Maker's Mark cigar so popular.

Its subtle, aromatic, bourbon seasoning produces a cigar of distinction, enhancing the characteristics of a premium cigar made of naturally cured, Cuban seed, long leaf tobacco. Hand made by one of the Dominican Repulic's leading cigar families, the Maker's Mark cigar is often said to be the perfect marriage of two of man's greatest pleasures - bourbon and tobacco.

Even the wrapper of the Makers Mark cigar is of superior quality - constructed with a light-hued Sumatra wrapper, it presents even the most demanding aficionado a cigar worthy of smoking. Sealed in a glass tube and hand-dipped in Maker's Mark signature red wax.

The experience of smoking a Maker's Mark cigar is enhanced by its exquisite aromatic essence of bourbon, well-balanced flavor and smooth, even burn. We hope you find it to your liking and perhaps share the pleasure with a friend.