Macanudo Maduro

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Macanudo Maduro cigars will surprise you because they are not your usual maduro cigars. Introduced in the 1970s, Macanudo managed to blend a maduro cigar that is mellow, yet still captures that rich maduro flavor with this blend, which was rebounded to be even richer in 1999. They used the finest double-fermented Dominican Cuban-seed tobaccos and encased it in a velvety ebony-colored Connecticut broadleaf which creates a medium-bodied and extraordinarily smooth smoking experience.

The Macanudo Maduro cigar is a well-constructed cigar that has a strong appearance, exquisite aromas, burns well, has a firm draw and is a surprisingly mellow maduro. As you work your way through the Macanudo Maduro you might experience a mellow woody flavor profile with a distinctive creamy and smooth undertone. Closer to the final third the Macanudo Maduro cigar gets slightly spicier but never overbearing.

Just like a fine and rare port wine, the Macanudo Maduro has a lingering and rich flavor with hints of earthiness and a bit of sweetness. The Macanudo Maduro cigar is the perfect choice to kick off your day and have a laid-back smoking experience. After you have sampled the sophisticated and rich flavors that the Macanudo Maduro cigar offers you might never return to the natural wrapper cigars again!