Macanudo Gold Label

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The Macanudo Gold Label cigar is a limited-edition line of Macanudo cigars. This mellow and smooth line is a welcome addition to one of the best selling premium cigar brands in our country. The Macanudo Gold Label is blended with rare golden Connecticut Shade wrapper leaves, using only the 1st and 2nd priming leaves. Capa Especial is the Spanish name for this delicate, golden wrapper. The wrappers on the Macanudo Gold cigars then ripen to a lovely golden patina which brings out the naturally sweet flavors. Because the wrapper is twice-aged it cuts down on the tobacco's acidity, tar, sugar and nicotine levels. The (Cuban-seed) Dominican Piloto Cubano and Mexican fillers are a vintage from 1998 and the Mexican San Andrean binder is also from the two lowest primings.

When you smoke your way through the Macanudo Gold cigar your palette will encounter a variety of flavors from floral and citrus notes to woody, cedar and sweetness which round out this great cigar. The Macanudo Gold Label cigar burns evenly and produces a firm white-gray ash.

Always smooth, always mild and always consistent, the Macanudo Gold cigar will please a novice smoker as well as a seasoned one. It is the perfect selection to start off the day, so start your day off right with a Macanudo Gold Label cigar and experience the sensational sweetness and smoothness for yourself.