Macanudo Cafe

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The Macanudo Cafe line of cigars gets ample time spent on growing, curing and aging the silky Connecticut shade wrappers, and these wrappers go through a double aging process, the same way it was done in Havana during the golden age of Cuban cigars. Macanudo was originally produced by the makers of Punch in Jamaica. Developed under the supervision of one of the most creative cigar visionaries, Ramon Cifuentes, Macanudo eventually became the leading premium cigar brand and remains that way even today.

Today the Macanudo Cafe cigar is exclusively grown and produced in the Dominican Republic using only the finest Connecticut shade wrapper and a flavorful blend of Dominican tobaccos, double-aged longfillers and select binder grown in the rich soils of St. Andres Tuxtla Valley of Mexico. To ensure that you will receive the same smoothness, the same sweet aromas, the same easy draw and mild, creamy flavors in every Macanudo Cafe cigar the makers of Macanudo use only the finest and most aged tobaccos that are triple-fermented. Your palate will experience flavors ranging from citrus, to grassy, cedar and even earthy but always consistently creamy and smooth.

Each time you light up a Macanudo Cafe cigar you will undoubtedly enjoy the same luxurious and pleasurable smoking experience, because Macanudo delivers a smooth taste time after time. With over 23 sizes and shapes to choose from both ladies as well as men, aficionados as well as beginner smokers can all find something from this line to their liking. No humidor should be without at least one Macanudo Cafe cigar.