La Aurora Cameroon

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Having been around for over 100 years the La Aurora Cameroon cigars are moderately priced, they have recently been reblended using an African Cameroon wrapper offering a more complex and rich flavor profile, and are the most widely-consumed and smoked cigar in the Dominican Republic.

The La Aurora Cameroon blends have a rawhide texture to them, are dense and well-packed with a hefty weight to them, and are a bit veiny, but all these traits only add more character to them. As for flavor, the La Aurora Cameroon cigars were re-blended to give off a bit more strength but do not sacrifice any of the original flavor. You will detect the infamous Cameroon sweetness initially, as well as undertones of spice and wood. As you smoke your way through the La Aurora Cameroon cigar you might pick up notes of a deep chocolate, earth, that continual spice, finishing off with a hint of coffee and a sweet, short finish making it quite enjoyable.

The La Aurora Cameroon cigars are a classic example of what a Cameroon cigar should taste like offering a complexity that will keep you coming back for more. You will definitely want to make some room in your humidor for the La Aurora Cameroon cigars.