Kristoff Maduro

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Kristoff Maduro cigars will entice you in every way, starting with the unfinished wooden box they are presented in lined with loose tobacco, to their rustic appearance with their shaggy foot and pigtails. The Kristoff Maduros are the creation of Glen Case, president of Exclusive Cigars.

The Krisoff Maduro's Brazilian maduro wrapper adds a pleasantly surprising flavor of licorice and earthy undertones. Upon your first whiff of the Kristoff Maduro cigar you'll smell a toasty, sweet aroma, so decadent! The filler and binder of the Kristoff Maduros are a well-balanced, perfectly fermented and aged blend of Olor Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers.

The flavors you'll experience smoking the first half of the Kristoff Maduro cigar are boasting with a slight spice, hints of toasted almonds and a sweet finish. It's a chewy and flavorful smoke and as you reach the second half, hints of pepper, leather, espresso and the continued earthiness will please your palate with that sweet undertone on the finish. The Kristoff Maduro is not complex and is smooth from start to finish.

All in all the Kristoff Maduro cigar is a work of art and is a quite enjoyable and flavorful smoke. Given that the Kristoff Maduro is created in the true stylings of a top Cuban cigar it is guaranteed you will smoke them to the nub and will NOT be disappointed, especially if you're a fan of the Brazilian leaf!