Java Mint by Drew Estate

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Since the debut of Drew Estate's ACID line in 1999, they have grown immensely. Jonathan Drew and Rocky Patel have made a collaborated effort on the JAVA infused cigars, introduced in 2004. Now with their new line, the Java Mint, the Patel-Drew team has brought their most unique and innovative offering yet. You might say the Java Mint tastes like a Peppermint Pattie, or perhaps a Creme de Menthe, but whichever minty delight it reminds you of, we just say it is one tasty smokey treat! If you are already a fan of the JAVA line consider the Java Mint your next guilty pleasure that you simply must try.

The Java Mint is the cool new smoking experience offering the same mocha, chocolatey infused flavor of the original Java blend but is lightly infused with a zesty mint flavor, essences of mocha and vanilla. The Java Mint is a handmade cigar utilizing a Nicaraguan long-filler and binder, box-pressed within a rich 3-year old Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper and infused with cocoa, vanilla, coffee and a variety of different mints. The result is a medium-bodied, chocolatey, minty, dessert-like cigar brimming with a myriad of aromas and a silky smooth creaminess imparting a sweetness with each puff till you get to the nub. The Java Mint is the perfect carb and calorie-free confectionary delight to follow up a classic steak dinner. How can you pass THAT up?

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