Isla del Sol

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Isla del Sol Cigars, imbued with a sweet coffee flavor, are the newest creation from the unique cigar creators at Drew Estate. Hand crafted and blended in the Drew Estate factory in Nicaragua this top secret project has been under development by master creator Jonathan Drew and his team for almost three years now. Most noticeable is that each of the filler leaves has been carefully infused with the enticing nuances of premium, Sumatran Mandheling Bean Coffee, while the wrapper is garnsihed with a delightfully sweetened cap. Expect a rich, creamy core with ample notes of mocha and coffee, complemented by a luxurious aroma.

This highly anticipated release of the Isla del Sol cigar blend marries great mild and medium bodied Nicaraguan tobaccos. Throughout the extended aging process of these tobaccos a gentle infusion of mocha coffee is introduced. The result is that the Isla del Sol is a very traditional cigar blend with an initial hint of sweetness and a mild aroma of dark espresso. The Isla del Sol is a great value for the money and if you appreciate wonderful mild, easy smoking cigars, this is a must smoke stogie.

The smoke is deliciously flavorful and smooth with an aroma that will entice even the non-cigar smokers in the room and at this price, it’ll be easy to enjoy the scrumptious flavors of Isla del Sol on a daily basis.