Helix Cigars

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Helix Cigars - Helix Cigars are premium quality, handmade and very affordable cigars. That's the line on this deliciously mild cigar from U.S. Cigar blended with Honduran, Nicaraguan, Brazilian and Mexican fillers surrounded by genuine U.S. Connecticut shade or broadleaf maduro wrappers. All of the tobaccos in Helix cigars are aged a minimum of three years; The Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf is over five years old. Helix cigars are designed for new and younger cigar smokers looking for a well-rounded cigar that's mild, aromatic and flavorful.

Helix cigars are designed to fill the void of an affordable, light cigar. Special attention is given to the superior construction for a cigar in this price range which succeeds in providing a quality cigar for bundle pricing. Helix cigars are definitely rated a best buy. If you are looking for a light, smooth yet affordable cigar, the Helix cigars are for you. The light flavor stops just short of creamy, but adds a nice spicy texture that is great for all day enjoyment.