Gurkha Grand Reserve Louis XIII

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The Gurkha Cigar Company has been making, what I would call, the worlds most distinctive cigars for over 120 years. Each of the Gurkha Grand Reserve cigars is carefully infused in the legendary Louis XIII Cognac by Remy Martin. A bottle of this elusive cognac typically sells for over $1,200. The Gurkha Grand Reserve cigars have been rated as the finest cigars in the world by 3 magazines (Opulence Magazine, Departures Magazine, the Magazine by American Express that reviews all things ultra-luxurious, including the seal of approval from the Robb Report), and when you taste one you will know why. The flavors of the Gurkha Grand Reserve are luxuriously creamy and silky smooth.

Each Gurkha Grand Reserve is elegantly presented in a glass crystal tube which is hand-dipped in wax for a one-of-a-kind presentation. (Please note that these cigars are shipped in bundles, not in boxes.) The Grand Reserve is the flagship brand of The Gurkha Cigar Company. It is handmade from the finest tobaccos: using premium, 5-year aged U.S. Connecticut shade wrappers which give the mild-to-medium-bodied Gurkha Grand Reserve a creamy, rich flavor with just a hint of spice and promises you a pleasantly light finish that you wish would linger on and on.

To give you an idea of how limited and rare some of Gurkha's lines are, they only release 10 boxes of 20 cigars each year of the His Majesty's Reserve, which sell for $9,000 to $10,000, IF you are lucky enough to find a box of them! As I've told many of my customers in Colorado, if I could only smoke one cigar for the rest of my life, the Gurkha Grand Reserve would be the one.