Diamond Crown Maximus

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The Diamond Crown Maximus takes the Diamond Crown version up a few notches and adds the "Oomph" to it! Another brilliant and classy creation by J.C. Newman, the Fuente families, as well as the Oliva family. Ten years after releasing the Diamond Crown, Stanford Newman challenged Carlos Fuente, Jr. to blend the rich, robust, bold and full-flavored beauty that is the Diamond Crown Maximus Toro #4, released in June, 2003.

The Diamond Crown Maximus is a full-flavored premium cigar bursting with mega-rich flavors that will tantalize your palate with nuts, earthiness, peppers, spices and smooth coffee and cocoa notes on the finish. The Fuente family uses a secret blend of aged Dominican filler tobaccos along with the Oliva family's exclusive El Bajo Ecuadorian wrapper.

The Diamond Crown Maximus is perfectly constructed and is dressed in a very elegant golden band displaying a crown, coins and the name on it. They are presented in a specially-designed chest holding 20 cigars that form a letter "M." The Diamond Crown Maximus cigar is not only limited in production and exquisite to look at but tastes like a premium cigar as well. If it were compared to liquor, it would be top shelf. Rated 93 and ranked the #4 cigar in 2009 for the Double Corona #1 size by Cigar Aficionado, this premium cigar will win you over guaranteed.