Cusano CC

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Starting off a bit spicy in the first third, the Cusano CC quickly develops a rich and creamy taste in the last two thirds. Your mouth will get an overload of toasted nuts and spicy cream on the finish.

The Cusano CC will not disappoint in the realm of its construction as it is assembled expertly and has an easy draw. You will note that if you light up this cigar from various batches that it is very consistent each and every time. Blended with flavorful Ecuadorian Sumatran wrapper, and premium Dominican fillers and binders, the hand-rolled Cusano CC cigars smack of the old-world Cubanesque style stogies.

Very well priced and a consistent smoke it is obvious why Smoke Magazine rated it at a 9.2! Offered in bundles of 20, samplers of 5 or as singles in 5 various sizes, Cusano CC cigars are just the right price, strength and flavor profile to keep in your humidor at all times.



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