Cuesta-Rey Maduro

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Formerly made in Cuba the Cuesta-Rey cigars were once the official cigar of King Alfonso XI of Spain and are known world-wide for their extensive history and exceptional construction and quality. Each Cuesta-Rey Maduro is handmade at the Tabacalera A. Fuente factory in the Dominican Republic using only the best Dominican, Brazilian, Cameroon and Connecticut Broadleaf long-filler tobaccos. Cuesta-Rey is available in 3 unique lines: Cuesta-Rey Cabinet Selection (which features a smooth African Cameroon wrapper), the Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino line (which uses a dark Ecuadorian Centro Fino Sungrown wrapper), and the Cuesta-Rey Centenario (which features either a light Connecticut Shade Natural or dark Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro with a Cuban-seed filling). In this collection we focus our attention to the Maduro selections only, which use the dark Connecticut Broadleaf Cuban-seed wrappers.

The Cuesta-Rey Maduro cigars are each presented in an aromatic cedar-lined cabinet. They are made with the finest aged tobaccos and abides by Tabacalera A. Fuente's strictest demands and standards to ensure you are getting a quality smoke each and every time. The Cuesta Rey Maduro cigar is smooth and creamy meeting all your expectations from a premium cigar from this part of the world. The Cuesta-Rey Maduro is dark, slightly rustic-looking, brawny and a bit toothy with a firmer draw and a fine burn. It imparts flavors of leather, nuts, dry coffee and cocoa and tops it off with a woody, and smooth earthy finish. If you are looking for that perfect, consistent, aromatic, rich and flavorful everyday cigar that's never overpowering then the Cuesta-Rey Maduro is right up your alley.