Cojimar Senoritas

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Sweet tipped and sugar dipped, each Cojimar Senoritas cigar is expertly infused with just the right amount of taste. With several years of experience in the cigar industry, Cojimar has definitely mastered the art of infusion and flavored cigars. For as long as flavored cigars have been around Cojimar has been in the forefront of this skill.

The Cojimar Senoritas cigars are handmade using premium long-filler Dominican tobacco from the highly valued Piloto seed and topped off with an Ecuadorian wrapper. Cojimar is one of the best selling brands of flavored cigars in the world! There's a flavor for everyone, as the Cojimar Senoritas come in several tantalizing flavors such as Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, Cognac, Honey, Mango, Rum and Vanilla. The Cojimar Senoritas measures in at 5 x 30 and comes either in a box of 25, a 5 cigar sampler or a single cigar sampler.

The Cojimar Senoritas cigars are perfect for beginner smokers, for a dessert cigar, for ladies who don't care for the harsher tastes of traditional cigars, and for anyone who just wants to try something aromatic, mild, pleasant, and sweet. The Cojimar Senoritas cigars will hold their flavor from start to end. Tantalize your senses with one of these sweet-tipped, sugar-dipped stogies.

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