Cohiba Cigars

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Cohiba cigars that are crafted today in the Dominican Republic took years to develop. The dark, rich wrapper leaf is grown in the sub-tropical West African climate of Cameroon especially for Cohiba. The supple and flavorful Jember binder is grown in Indonesia also exclusively for these Cohiba cigars. To balance the richness of the wrapper, the smooth-smoking Piloto Cubano filler leaves are grown in the Dominican Republic.

Originally, Fidel Castro is credited with the creation of this Cuban cigar brand we know today as Cohiba. Originally it was made only for him. Then he made it available to Government officials and foreign dignitaries. In 1985 Cohiba cigars were made available to the general public. Today Cuban Cohiba cigars are the most sought after Cuban cigars in the world, the very name Cohiba means cigar.

This Dominican Cohiba cigar is the only Cohiba cigar that can legally be imported into the United States. These Cohiba cigars are made in the Dominican Republic by General Cigar's Diaz y Cia, with the world's best varieties of Cuban seed. These are a premium medium bodied cigar that is extremely well balanced between in rich flavors and subtle complexities.