Carlos Torano

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Carlos Torao is making some of the best cigars in the business right now, quietly plying his craft and focusing on quality - and people are noticing. The Toranos have been in the business forever, having worked as growers and manufacturers over the years. The tradition began in 1916, shortly after Don Santiago Torano arrived in Cuba from his native Spain. Decades later, his son Carlos made a key contribution to the industry, by introducing the renowned "Piloto Cubano" seed from Cuba in the Dominican Republic in the 1960´s. Today, Don Santiago´s grandson and great-grandson continue his family heritage, continuing four generations of family tradition.

The Exodus is made with a Habana 2000 wrapper, accompanied by a complex, five-country blend of Dominican, Honduran, Mexican, Nicaraguan, and Costa Rican tobaccos. And on top of it all, the darn thing is very reasonably priced. The Signature Selection is rolled with Sun-Grown Brazilian Maduro wrappers, Piloto Cubano binder and filler. It has a full-bodied, robust taste with a spicy and peppery character. These outstanding cigars will surprise you.