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If you enjoy mild cigars with some sweetness, we promise you will fall in love with Carbonell cigars. They are a rarity because they are so popular in the Dominican Republic that it leaves very few left for export to the U.S. Carbonell is a great-tasting, mild and pleasant smoke. Rolled in the Dominican Republic since 1907, introduced to the U.S. in 1996, this cigar consists of long-filler Dominican leaves for the binder and filler and an Indonesian wrapper.

The Carbonell cigars are unique because of their naturally sweet taste. The sweetness comes from the Carbonell "sweet leaf," which gives it an incredibly smooth, mild taste and rich aroma. Upon first opening a box of Carbonell cigars the aroma is a very pleasant surprise and like none other! The cedary waft of fermented fruits and nuts will delightfully surprise you. The creamy clouds of smoke impart a delicious subtle fruit and spice which later develops and grows stronger. The Carbonell has a long finish and is guaranteed to please and satisfy the mild cigar lovers. Carbonell is not widely available, but those who try them always stay with the brand. If you like pleasant, mild cigars with a naturally sweet taste then Carbonell is a must to sample.


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