CAO L'Anniversary Cameroon

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The top of the line from CAO. The CAO L´Aniversaire line was developed in the honor of the anniversary of the CAO brand.

The maduro line is offered with a medium-to-full body and exquisite construction. It regularly scores in the 90s, and was rated the 8th best cigar in the world for 1998 by Cigar Aficionado´s Insider. Hand-rolled by Tabacalera Perdomo in Nicaragua, makers of La Tradicion Perdomo Reserve, Perdomo 2 and other exceptional brands.

The new L'Anniversaire Cameroon Series is a highly successful complement to the incredible success of the L´Anniversaire Maduro Series. The CAO L´Anniversaire Cameroon line is an unforgettable smoke with a great looking square-pressed shape. Made with reddish-brown Cameroon wrappers from Africa and premium Nicaraguan long-fillers and binders. Mild to medium-bodied in taste and box-pressed - an attractive, high-quality smoke.

Powerful new smokes from CAO, the new CAO eXtreme completes the L´Anniversaire series trilogy. The CAO eXtreme is very full-bodied and strong, rolled with a fine Ecuadorian Sumatra seed wrapper, 5 leaf Nicaraguan blend, including 2 types of ligero leaf, and a Nicaraguan binder. Quantities may be limited.