Cafe Creme by Winterman

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Winterman's Cafe Creme Blue cigars are the most requested flavored cafe cigars in the world. Using dry-cured tobaccos and Java wrappers, their smooth, mild creamy flavor presents a sensual aroma, with this selection being even milder in flavor. Enjoy Cafe Cremes with a good cup of rich-tasting coffee.

Wintermans Café Creme Originals are delicious little café cigars blended with mild, dry-cured premium tobaccos rolled in sweet-smelling Indonesian wrappers.

Cafe Creme Filter Arôme is a flavorful cigarillo with a built-in filter and a tobacco blend from the Far East, Africa and Brazil, wrapped in a blond Ecuadorean leaf. These are an excellent choice when a small, mild smoke is in order.

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