Bolivar Cofradia

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The Bolivar Cofradia, at one time called the "Bolivar Fuerte," went through a name change to distinguish it from the Dominican-made 2005 line of Bolivars. The Bolivar Cofradia is hand-rolled and produced in the Villazon Honduran factory, overseen by Estelo Padron, and packed cabinet style in bundles of 25 with a yellow ribbon tied around them. If you are a collector you might be happy to note that each box has the date of the box penciled at the bottom of the box so there is never any doubt how long that batch has been aging.

The Bolivar Cofradia has the appearance of what you would expect a hand-rolled cigar to look like, slightly rugged-looking, with an oily, dark wrapper and an elegant band. Its heavenly aroma permeates of spicy and bold with a touch of dried fruits. The burn of the Bolivar Cofradia is so consistent that you can leave it burning for over 10 minutes, and returning to it you will still find it burning with full strength, never having to relight. The Bolivar Cofradia produces billowy, chewy, thick white smoke, practically rolling off your tongue.

As for the flavor profile you will be taken on a journey as the flavors build quickly upon the first light ranging from a deep earthy core, hints of nuts, bitter coffee and a sprinkling of leather. As you progress into the second half you might detect spices, peppers, cocoa and that continued earthiness. Always smooth, never rough, yet consistently deep and rich. The Bolivar Cofradia would pair beautifully with your favorite beer, bourbon or whiskey. If you are a fan of full-flavored cigars then give the Bolivar Cofradia a shot. It is a surprisingly pleasant and flavorful stick that deserves its time in the spotlight.

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