Ashton Classic

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Ashton Cigars have built themselves quite a noteworthy and worldly reputation since their inception in 1985. Offering several sizes in each of their lines, the face of Ashton, Robert Levin, with the help of the Fuente Family, has created something unique for every type of cigar smoker.

In this collection we offer you their Classic line including some of the favorites such as the Ashton Magnum, their 5-cigar Sampler, the Ashton Senoritas and several other sizes to select from. The mild to medium bodied Ashton Classic Series offers solid notes of wood, a light nuttiness, sleigh peppery spices and a sweet finish. They are well constructed using Dominican binders and fillers, topped off with a US Connecticut shade wrapper, ensuring that you get a pleasurable and rich taste each and every time you pick up one of the Ashton cigars.

With several high ratings by Cigar Aficionado (rated 90 for the Ashton Churchill and the Ashton Corona), you can light up an Ashton Classic anywhere, anytime and know you are in for a treat.