Arturo Fuente Sungrown

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Next time you are shopping for cigars seek out the Arturo Fuente Sun Grown blend with their exclusive Ecuadorian sungrown wrapper (distinguished by their black band on the label). The A. Fuente Sungrown cigars are naturally a bit more sweet (like a maduro) than the other Fuente lines, yet are lighter in the shade of the wrapper. The blend you encounter in the Sungrown line is the Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva's binder and filler tobaccos, with the exception of a dark, Ecuadorian sungrown wrapper leaf.

You will note the natural sweetness that is imparted on your palate when smoking the lovely Arturo Fuente Sungrown, complemented by a medium-bodied, balanced and smooth richness. The A. Fuente Sun Grown is an oily, toothy and stout cigar exuding chewy leather, notes of earthiness and a touch of spice and pepper on its finish. If you pay close attention you might even pick up some cocoa, toastiness and vanilla. All in all the A. Fuente Sungrown is not for the lighthearted as it is a fairly rich and heavy smoke, but certainly very well crafted. Kudos to Arturo Fuente for bringing their A-game each and every time, including the Arturo Fuente Sungrown cigars. Do your palate a favor, pick one up today!