Arturo Fuente Maduro

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The Fuente family has been in the cigar business for well over a century, tobacco is in their blood. Because of their intense dedication to the industry they are able to consistently produce outstanding tobacco leaves and rich-flavored, perfectly balanced cigars that please cigar aficionados each and every time, all over the world. They use predominantly Cameroon wrappers, but for the Maduro line, as we are focusing on here, they use the Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper.

Individually wrapped in the signature cedar sleeves and distinguished with a green band at the foot of it (to signify that it is maduro), the A. Fuente Maduro starts off with a looser draw but evens out after a few minutes into smoking the cigar. With its very dark, slightly veiny wrapper, this medium-bodied stogie will definitely hit the spot. Smooth from start to end, the Arturo Fuente Maduro produces thick, billowy smoke and coats your palate with a rich chocolatey aftertaste. As you smoke your way through the second half of this cigar you might experience more spice and tingle on your tongue, a creamier and longer finish, and more flavors coming forth such as vanilla, nuts and a charry wood undertone.

The A. Fuente Maduro is an excellent choice to keep on hand for company. But if you don't feel like sharing, kick back this weekend with an Arturo Fuente Maduro and delve into a heavenly, meaty, rich-tasting, well-made maduro cigar.