Alec Bradley MAXX

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The Alec Bradley MAXX, made by Nestor Plasencia, takes it to the max with this bold and rich blend. The workmanship that goes into each Alec Bradley MAXX cigar is very detailed, from the luxurious bouquet as you inhale its creamy scent, to the well-balanced combination of sweet and dark tobacco flavors, this cigar will not disappoint! The flavors are multi-layered and always harmonious, from start to finish.

The Alec Bradley MAXX comes in the following other sizes: The Culture, The Curve, The Freak and The Fix. The Alec Bradley MAXX has a medium draw and an even burn.

The Alec Bradley MAXX is a divine fusion of Viso and Ligero tobaccos from Nicaragua, Mexico, Colombia and Honduras with an aromatic Costa Rican binder, topped off in a robust, shiny, chocolatey-brown Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. The result of the Alec Bradley MAXX is a medium-to-full-bodied smoking experience filled with silky smoothness from the first puff, boasting with lingering earthy, toasty and naturally sweet undertones. Alec Bradley MAXX entices the taste buds with its robust cocoa, nutty, and coffee-flavored sweet tones wrapped up with a velvety-smooth cedar finish.

The Alec Bradley MAXX cigar will never overwhelm you but will deliver a truly luxurious smoking experience. Try an Alec Bradley MAXX today and take your palate to the max!