Agio Mehari's Cigars

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Agio Mehari's cigars are designed for the connoisseur who appreciates fine craftsmanship in a small cigar. The distinctive Agio Mehari's blend is made in the Netherlands with binder, wrapper and filler tobaccos from around the world, offering a satisfying smoke that may be short, but is always memorable.

Agio Mehari's Original: the 'original' Mehari's (since 1976), a cigarillo with a Java Besuki wrapper, that gives it a slightly pungent character.

Agio Mehari's Brasil: The special aroma and nutty taste of Agio Mehari's Brasil is due largely to its original Arapiraca wrapper. Agio Mehari's Brasil is a medium bodied smoke with a South American flare.

Agio Mehari's Ecuador: A cigar that is distinguished by its light-colored wrapper, producing a distinctive mild taste. That is because tobacco used for the wrapper is grown under cheesecloth, out of direct sunlight. As a result the tobacco plant can grow under optimum and consistent conditions. Mehari's Equador goes especially well with a beer or white wine.

Agio Mehari's Orient: A sweet, mild cigar whose pure aromas harmonize with the ripe Java wrapper. The Agio Mehari's Orient has a lovely aroma, slightly sweet albeit consistent flavour.


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