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Since many years ago, cigar smoking has always been a favorite past time. History would tell that cigar smoking began in the ancient Mayans back in the 10th century. The Mayans would wrap the tobacco in a palm or plantain leaf and smoke it.

Later on, the local Indians introduced this to the conquerors from Spain and Portugal. Since then, it was further spread from Spain and Portugal to France, Cuba, up to Asian countries – the rest is history.

Today, cigar-smoking continues to be a past time, especially for many aficionados who love to puff their lungs out using tobacco. Apart from the chemicals of cigar smoke or the leaf compounds of tobacco, however, it is the taste that every seasoned expert loves.

If you are a beginner who would like to explore the world of cigar smoking, here is a quick guide on how to smoke it like a pro:

1. Sighting

Your encounter with a cigar starts with your senses – sight, smell, and touch. If you want to gauge whether or not it is of good quality, roll it between your fingers. First, check to see if it has consistency in color, and second, touch to determine if it isn’t rough in complexion. Finally, sniff a bit to examine if it emits a fresh aroma. If it has the three attributes mentioned, then it is considered to be a quality one.

2. Cutting

A premium cigar requires you to cut it before you smoke, as soon it comes out of the box with a closed head. While cutting is all up to you, the goal is to cut it as clean as possible. A single-edged cutter is said to be the best method. Keep in mind that the cleaner the cut is, the less likely you are to ruin the cigar, the better it is for smoking.

3. Lighting

When it comes to lighting, it’s best to avoid using a regular cigarette lighter. It tends to taint the end of the cigar, leaving such an unpleasant odor and taste. Better alternatives include the usual matchstick, a butane lighter, and not to mention a cigar lighter. When lighting, make sure to avoid overheating it so that you don’t ruin the experience before even starting.

4. Smoking

Once lighted, you can then begin smoking your cigar. When it comes to taste, know that no two products taste the same. It all depends on how they are grown and what ingredients are incorporated to create the overall taste. For the most part, however, a balanced flavor is what you hope to achieve and smoke.

5. Savoring and enjoying

When smoking, there’s no other way to enjoy it than to savor the cigar. However, never inhale it like cigarettes as it won’t do your lungs any good. While you’re at it, take smoking easy and just enjoy the overall taste and experience.


There’s no doubt that cigar smoking will continue to thrive, as many smokers love to savor the taste of tobacco. If you are just learning the ropes, make sure to consider the guidelines outlined above and enjoy every step of the way – from sighting to cutting and lighting down to smoking and enjoying the cigar!

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