A Review of Drew Estate's ACID Blends, "The Rebirth of Cigars!"

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ACID cigars are among the best cigars I have ever had the pleasure to smoke. In fact to this date, our most popular cigar we have ever sold online is the Acid Blondie and the Acid Kuba Kuba. Jonathan Drew and his partner Marvin Samel began their operation in 1998, Marvin from a warehouse office in Brooklyn and Drew in Esteli, Nicaragua.  In 1999 Drew returned to New York with a few blends but they were still missing something for their launch. That's when Scott "ACID" Chester came into the picture. Scott, an emerging artist in the DUMBO scene, was known for his industrial, urban, graffiti and motorcycle art, and he was the missing link for their grand launch.  The first cigar released was the La Vieja Habana followed by the infused cigar, Ambrosia, which gave way to Jonathan's vision of "Subculture."  In Scott Chester’s own words, “The ACID concept represents a lifestyle intended to depict a person who is not afraid to explore the Earth or explore life, whether on a motorcycle or in his thoughts and expressions.” Drew Estate wanted to create a cigar which would allow the smoker to experience the highest quality tobacco, as well as a stogie that is infused with the highest quality botanical essences, herbs and spices. After its debut at the RTDA show in Las Vegas in 1999, the cigar world has been turned upside down by Drew Estate's ACID cigars!

Hand made in Nicaragua at the Drew Estate factory, Acid cigars are unique in that the tobacco is cured in a large room called the cuarto armatico (aroma room) for several months prior to being rolled into one of several versions of cigar. That room is lined with over two hundred different herbs and oils that lend to one very unique tasting line. Acid cigars are made by hand in Nicaragua, using all natural materials only. Each of the acid cigars has a distinct flavor and bouquet, pleasing to the senses of the palate and spirit.

Drew Estate's mantra is "The Rebirth of Cigars" and it rightfully reflects how they approach all the decisions they make and everything they do. Definitely NOT your typical blends in the traditional sense. The ACID lines are a powerhouse of aromatics! Prepare to blow your senses away! Drew Estate offers 4 distinctly different lines offering quite the unique smoking experience.

ACID BLUE (Remi): This line offers sweet and mellow blends, captivating aromas for a relaxing and mild smoking experience.
ACID RED:  The Red line gives you a fare warning with their fiery bands to a very intense smoking experience. The RED line is a potent blend of ripe black tobaccos that are not for the timid. Challenge your senses and sample the RED line only if you dare.
ACID GOLD (Holistic):  The GOLD line, has a secret blend to soothe your soul and please your palate.
ACID PURPLE (Juggernaut):  The Purple line is the "dragon slayer" and will crush all in its path! It is the super star of complex aromatic hybrids and will release the most intense flavors you could fathom.

[caption id="attachment_315" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Acid Extra Ordinary Larry Cigars at My Discount Cigars"]Acid Extra Ordinary Larry Cigars at My Discount Cigars[/caption]

Just to name a few of the 25 plus blends from the ACID line:  Atom Maduro, Acid Acid Kuba Kuba, Liquid, Nasty, One, Roam, Wafe and many more not named here. The boxes smell incredible even long after all the cigars are smoked and gone!

If you consider yourself a cigar purist and just will not smoke 'flavored cigars', you do not know what you are missing. In our store in Colorado, my family and I have converted more traditional cigar smokers into Drew Estate brand devotees than any other brand we carry. There is a cult-like following for Acid cigars, and pretty much the entire Drew Estate output for that matter. We can talk all day and night about ACID cigars but the only way to grasp what they are all about is to experience them firsthand. You can thank us later.


Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Flavor: Mild to Medium
Filler: Nicaragua

ACID Cigars are available online here at: MyDiscountCigar.com.

You can read more about the ACID cigars online at the official Drew Estate website at: DrewEstate.com.

~ Peace, Love, Cigars! ~


Smoke's Up Review of the ACID Toast Cigar

Posted: May 7, 2011 by Bear in Reviews

Cigar Review: ACID Toast

Libation: Gevalia Signature blend coffee

5/7/11   10:15 hours

Sunny 60 Degrees, winds light

Smoking Location: Outdoors

Smoking Time: 1 hour 45 minutes

Size: 6 x 50 Toro

First Impressions: The ACID Toast cigar is the latest in the ACID line of flavor and aroma infused cigar from Drew Estate. The cigar is a 6″ by 50 ring Toro that hails from  Nicaragua. I received this specimen from CIGARfest 2011 which just took place in thee Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Look and Feel: The natural wrapper of the Acid Toast cigar is  a medium dark in color, has a slight oily sheen to it and has one pronounced vein running the length of it.

Cut and Light: To cut the cap of the cigar I used my Wolf V-Cutter and to toast the foot I used my new Colibri Reload lighter which I also picked up at CIGARfest. I am really loving this lighter and plan on talking about it more in a future accessory review. Overall the cut and light were routine and unremarkable.

First Third: The cigar has a sweetened cap which I am not usually a fan of but have come to expect in the ACID line. The smoke is mild in flavor and medium in body and exhibits a variety of flavors right from the start. Ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon were most prominent. Getting toward the end of the 1st third some hints of cherries are coming through. The cigar is producing large amounts of smoke and the ash is a light gray, almost white, in color. It is a bit loose and flakey. It fell off on its own at about the 3/4″ mark narrowly missing my keyboard.

Second Third: This is where the ACID Toast cigar gets its name from. TOAST!!! Flavors of cinnamon, sugar, raisin, and toasted bread are the most prominent in the 2nd third. The sweetness of the cap helps bring these flavors together making it very enjoyable. The burn line is very sharp and even. The cigar is still producing large amounts of smoke while drawing and just sitting on the ash tray. If I were smoking indoors the room aroma would be amazing! The slight bitterness of the Gevalia Signature coffee that I am drinking compliments the sweetness of the cigar very well.

Final Third: The flavors during the final third of the Acid Toast cigar continued to be toasted bread, ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon. The sweetness of the cap is diminishing a bit but still detectable.

Final Thoughts: Whether your a fan of “infused” cigars or not, you have to give the folks a Drew Estate credit for what they are doing. They are adding a new dimension to a timeless hobby.

Although infused cigars are not my favorites, i still do enjoy one from time to time. The ACID Toast has earned it place in my rotation along with the Tabak Especial, JAVA, and ACID Kuba Kuba.

Availability: The ACID Toast cigars are available at most B&M’s as well as online. The ACID Toast comes in boxes of 24 for around $149.00. Expect to pay $6-$7 for a single at a B&M. I encourage you to pick one up and give it a try. You might be surprised at how enjoyable it really is.



Huge thanks to Bear for such a great cigar review!

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