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Cain Daytona My Discount Cigar[/caption]

Cain Daytona My Discount Cigar

Cain Daytona Cigars available at My Discount Cigar

Cain Daytona cigars have recently been released as a new brand for the Studio Tobac project. Cain Daytona have a very smooth complexity that varies from all other Cain cigar blends. The Oliva cigar family has earned an impressive reputation in the world of premium cigars over the last 5 years. As one of the cigar world's most notable cigar manufacturers, their impressively high rated cigars are generally only found at the most premium of cigar retailers world wide. In 2007, Oliva Cigars received an incredible  '94' rating from Cigar Aficionado for their Oliva Serie ‘V' line of cigars. They have also put out a series of  highly acclaimed blends with Cain, Cain 'F,' and Nub. Cain Daytona cigars come from Nicaragua. The filler is an impressive blend of long filler full-bodied ligero leaves from the Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua, but the cigar is wrapped with a milder Habano wrapper for a mellow, medium-bodied smoking experience. If you've tried the other Cain blends within their lineup and have found that it's a bit too strong or overwhelming - then the Cain Daytona Cigars are the blend you should try.


Cain Daytona Cigar Review by A Cigar Smoker's Journal:

Cigar: Cain Daytona 646
Size: 6 x 46 (Corona)
Wrapper: Nicaragua Habano
Binder: Nicaragua Habano
Filler: Nicaragua (100% Jalapa Valley)
Strength: Medium
Cigars Smoked For Review: 3

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Cain Daytona Corona 646 My Discount Cigar"]Cain Daytona Corona 646 My Discount Cigar[/caption]


Appearance and Construction: I really dig the shade of orange used on the band, which is on the foot of the Cain Daytona. I’ve said it before, so I’ll say it again. I think some of the Studio Tobac colors and designs would look sweet as a NASCAR sponsor and I am not a fan of the sport. Once the first few laps pass, and there are no major wrecks I lose interest. I’m not looking for anyone to get hurt, but there are only so many left hand turns you can watch. As for the cigar itself there are a few veins present on the Cain Daytona some of which run vertical which I don’t see to often. The cigar is rolled well, though the foot seems to be a little bit loose.

Flavor & Notes: The foot of the Cain Daytona cigar is a little bit musky to the nose but there is also a slight berry like existence present as well. The draw from this cigar serves up notes of earth with a classic barnyard edge to it and an underlying sweetness. Once lit there is some spice present and a red pepper through the nose, but it doesn’t wreck you. As I smoke the first third of the Cain Daytona, notes of espresso are dominant and are compliment with some nuts and some caramel sweetness. As we approach the second third the nuts begin to take center stage with some spices and a continued sweetness.  The final third has some floral notes especially through the nose. Also present in the Cain Daytona are some caramel and nuts with a slightly earthy finish.

Smoking Characteristics: The Cain Daytona Corona 646 had a perfect draw that produced a nice volume of thick smoke that had a toasty aroma to the nose. The cigar produced a mostly light color ash with some salt & pepper effects to it that held on very well for a corona. The burn was crisp, but the carbon line stood out some, perhaps suggesting the cigars were a little young and could use some more aging.

Conclusion: The Cain Daytona is the perfect answer for those who felt the Cain was too strong and was all about strength, not flavor. This medium bodied smoke has a nice subtle complexity and is extremely smooth. I forsee a box purchase for myself in the near future and it left me anticipating future releases from Studio Tobac.

Rating: 91

Thanks for the Cain Daytona cigar review Barry!

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