La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor

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[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor My Discount Cigar"]La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor My Discount Cigar[/caption]

La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor cigars, by Ashton cigars are made under the watchful eye of Don Pepin Garcia in Nicaragua. La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor is an amazing cigar, blended to create a complex smoke that is bold yet subtle.

La Aroma de Cuba is an old and well known brand with a unique and dedicated fan base . The cigar blends under this line of cigars all maintain light complexities while remaining medium-bodied to create a balanced cigar that rides the line between strength and flavor. La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor cigars are now made in Nicaragua at Don Pepin Garcia's new factory, the La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor brand is consistent from beginning to end  and holds some of the finest tobaccos money can buy.

La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor cigars are simply an excellent addition to the La Aroma de Cuba line. The blend brings a full-flavored yet medium-bodied maduro to the lineup and creates a bold finish. Outside, you'll find a dark Cuban-seed Mexican maduro wrapper that holds a powerhouse blend of Nicaraguan long filler from Nicaragua's top growing regions. As the blend burns, you'll find espresso, coffee and leather flavors throughout, all complimented by earthy undertones and notes of black pepper. With a smooth, creamy smoke and long-lasting finish, expect La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor cigars to increase in strength from beginning to end while still producing a well-balanced finish.

La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor cigars are available for purchase at here.

The Following Review by Stogie

The release of the La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor cigars (or “My Love”) last year was the next logical step for Ashton’s now Pepin-conquered La Aroma De Cuba line of cigars. One of it’s more interesting attributes is that it features wrapper leaf from Mexico, a country that until recently wasn’t well known for producing tobacco appropriate for such critical cigar component. Rumor has it, it’s the San Andreas tobacco that has been seen an explosion of popularity over the past couple of years, but nobody I contacted at Ashton would say more than it was a “Mexican Cuban Seed Maduro”. So I can’t confirm or deny the rumor.

The La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor is available in boxes of 25 in your choice of five sizes: Robusto (5 x 50), Belicoso (5.5 x 54), Valentino (5.7 x 58), Magnifico (6 x 52) and Churchill (7 x 50).

With the basics covered, it’s time to see if the La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor is a cigar I’ll whisper sweet nothings to, or one I’ll leave on the humidor shelf.

Thank you for the excellent review fellas!

Cigar Stats:
Size: 5 x 50
Wrapper: Mexican Cuban Seed Maduro
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Smoking Time: 1 1/2 hours


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